Goldberg Variations

Goldberg Variations

Glad to share here a parf of the Podcast Project #30 BACH – Episode 13 – by Lowry Yankovich which was released 2022. 12. 14.

This monumental variation set by J. S. Bach exhibits excellence in every aspect. Not only does it demonstrate exceptional composition skills in terms of harmony, motive, compact and balanced rhythm, but it also follows a specific structure with three variations forming a unified whole, repeated ten times. In a symbolic sense, the number three represents the trinity, a source of perfection and creativity. The number ten signifies the completion of a cycle. For J.S. Bach, this cannot happen coincidentally. Nonetheless, it is not without humor! 


Although the authenticity of the well-known story involving Count Kaiserling and the cembalist Gottlieb Goldberg is unclear, one undeniable fact remains: this music uplifts the spirit. It seems almost fateful that I chose to perform this piece for this particular concert. Reflecting on my past experiences, I realized that I often played the “Goldberg” before or after significant milestones in my life. The music of Bach has always been an irreplaceable resource for my soul, providing alignment whenever I needed it. 


I feel uplifted to present this rare musical collision of devotion and meditation during this special time of year, marking both JHU’s occasion and my own.  


  2023. 12. 13. 




My program note released for solo recital at the newly opened Bloomberg Center Johns Hopkins University in Washington DC